Jesse Pinkman from «Breaking Bad» then and now: This is how American film star Aaron Paul has changed over the years

Here is Aaron Paul years after he rose to fame thanks to his role in «Breaking Bad»

It is worth mentioning that taking part in the hit TV show «Breaking Bad», talented and noteworthy actor A. Paul rose to overall recognition. Here he is years after he rose to fame and now nothing has left of the student involved in criminal acts.

In 2013 he legitimized his relationship with L. Percy with whom he had an adorable daughter soon after getting married. The prominent film star appreciates time spent with his family and does everything possible to retain his acting career too,

So as to gain overall recognition and draw more attention, he and his wife changed their last names. The man brilliantly portrayed A. Sturtevant in the TV series and Paul is now his real name.

He still is a sought-after actor who often receives offers for roles in films and TV shows. How did you find the actor’s appearance now?


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