“She is really courageous!”. World’s most outrageous woman take a rest near the pool

Time flies and trends changes very often.

But for today, Ashley, a plus size model, considered as the most beautiful and attractive one.

On her Insta page she has more than 2 million followers. Let’s agree with us, it’s not a few.

And it’s not a joke! She has two children and weigh more than 120 kilos.

“What a courageous woman she is! I would be embarrassed showing everyone such a big stomach and feet.”, “What a pretty face!”, “She does really difference in the world of fashion!”, “What a cute she is!”.

“So you think that she is pretty?”, “Are you serious?”, “Such kind of models are rolling the fashion world now?”, “Well, there are no words to say, her weight is strange and unhealthy!”.

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