«The Office» star with a beard and glasses: The current appearance of actor Carrel drew everyone’s attention

Everyone’s favorite Michael Scott from «The Office» is now with a beard and glasses

Most fans got to know this charismatic and notable actor after the release of «The Office» where he excellently played the role of M. Scott who was a boss. This character was quite intriguing and piqued the interest of a number of viewers.

However, he was not «stuck» in this role and played in many films and shows as well. His participation in the series «The Morning Show» brought him even more fame.

Interestingly enough, the film star not only achieved big success, but also found the love of his life to whom he has been married for already 28 years – N. Carrel.

Although the man is now hard to recognize with his beard, glasses and aged look, he still looks great and attractive.

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