«Holds an American flag!»: The paparazzi photos of Markle and Prince Harry’s heir became the subject of discussions

Everyone was surprised when they saw Prince Harry’s son holding the flag of America

Here are the latest paparazzi photos of the royal family who were spotted with their little son in Los Angeles. It is worth mentioning that Archie is 3-years-old and his photos where he was holding an American flag immediately caused a stir.

Many held the opinion that this act was done deliberately to hit the network and become the subject of discussions. Some started to accuse Markle of forcing her son to hold the flag.

«What disregard and disobedience!», «She definitely did it on purpose», «Archie is the exact copy of his daddy», «Why does she do things like this?».

«I see the incredible similarity between Archie and his father!», «How fast time flies!».

What are your thoughts about this situation?

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