«The new Hachiko.» He waited patiently next to the hospital waiting for her owner

Many people started bringing gifts to the puppy, who refused to go home without her owner 🥹🤗

A loyal puppy named Maya was seen next to the hospital for almost five days. It turned out, that her owner had gone an immediate surgery after being transported to the hospital.

Although Maya’s father tried a lot to persuade her to go home, but she refused. The sweet puppy couldn’t leave her owner alone there.

The girl felt bad when they were going home with her husband and Maya. She was immediately taken to the hospital and operated on her appendix.

The girl’s father tried hard, but still couldn’t make the puppy leave the hospital. He told, that the puppy seemed to understand what’s happening with her owner and showed her patience.

The girl is still in the hospital recovering after the surgery and claims, that her puppy waits patiently at the hospital whenever she enters the building.

The hospital staff shared the story on Facebook and thousands of people started bringing gifts for the sweet dedicated puppy.

The story reminds us about a Hachiko dog, who just waited at the train station for his owner, although his owner had passed away and wasn’t able to return after him. Hachiko considered staying at the station for the rest of his life.

And also we heard another story about a puppy named Nego, who waited at the hospital for his owner for eight months, although he had already passed away.

Sandra inexplicably missed her puppy, who was looked after the hospital staff and the girl’s father.

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