From Fosters to Forever Homes: Heartwarming Photos of Dogs in the Arms of Love

Adorable photos captured by their owner 🐕🥰

Every dog owner knows how hard it is for a dog owner to convince a dog to sit still even for a moment. But this woman was able to capture her 11 dogs together.

And the woman who performed this is named Melissa Lentz.

She also told, that seven puppies captured in the photo are fosters and are waiting for their owners, while the other four are hers.

But the most amazing thing is that she was able to capture many such photos.

Lentz told, that she had many such photos.

And she was also able to participate in the photos.

But the only question is how she managed to capture such adorable photos.

Her answer was the unique relationships with her puppies. People can see their connection from the way the puppies looked at her while she was taking photos.

The woman told, that she simply put them all on the couch and told to look at her without giving treats or food.

The photos are not only sweet, but also very touching, as fosters are learning to feel at ease in their own forever homes.

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