Day for Humanity, Night for Stray Dogs: Greek Cafe Offers Shelter for Homeless Canines

Day for humanity, night for stray dogs  🐕🥰

Many people abandon their pets without thinking about their future: what will happen to them, how they will survive outside.

Unfortunately, the number of these poor animals in Greece is high. But still there are kindhearted people, who are worried about these stray animals and do their best to support them.

Hott Spott is a cafe where a great number of people visit every day. The staff of this wonderful place allows stray dogs to spend the night inside.

The smart canines stay there during the whole night without touching anything. After having a nice sleep there, they go out in the morning.

Although it can be unpleasant for many people who keep visiting the cafe, the workers continue to make the dogs’ lives a bit easier.

They need our support, so don’t be indifferent.

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