«The duplicate of his father!»: The incredible similarity between Prince Harry and his child deserves special attention

You will be surprised when you see how much Prince Harry’s heir looks like his dad 😲🤗

These days, the beautiful royal spouses have shared new heartwarming photos of their two adorable children who seemed to have noticeably grown up in the past few months.

Unlike their son, their daughter’s photos were something new for the fans since none of them had seen the little cutie before. She smiled in an adorable way while her parents were looking at her with delight and admiration.

One thing that became obvious for netizens was that the boy looked incredibly like his dad. To some he seemed to be the exact duplicate of the Prince. The whole family greatly impressed their fans who couldn’t stop admiring them.

The first obvious resemblance is, of course, that they both are redheads. Then, their facial features look identical.

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