«Something about Brosnan’s first wife you don’t know»: The love story of Brosnan and his first wife

Here are archive photos and personal details about Brosnan’s first wife you don’t know 🤔🧐

The legendary Irish actor’s first marriage is associated with the happiest and the most devastating time of his entire life. As a reminder, he has had two wives. His first marriage was with C. Harris whom he met during the casting of a Bond movie.

The actor fell in love with her at first sight. At that time, she already had two children from her previous relationship. The couple soon had a son. However, only a few know that she had ovarian cancer. The man did everything but she couldn’t live any longer.

What is more, her daughter named Christine also passed away and the cause of her death was the same illness. After some time, the man found new love named K. Shane Smith.

After dating for 7 years the couple got married in 2001 and have been inseparable since then. The spouses had two sons – Paris and Dylan.

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