Rescued and Cherished: The Heartwarming Story of Moxie the Stray Dog

A big life change in a minute! 🤗🥹

Once when a kind couple, Martina Russo and Phil, were driving their vehicle, spotted a dog following them by running strongly after their car. They stopped it to see what happened, and the cute face of this adorable canine attracted their hearts at once.

The dog was so cute and nice, that the couple couldn’t believe that he was a stray, so they waited for some time in the hope of seeing his owners.

Then seeing that no one came, the couple decided to take him with them, and the first step was of course to take him to a vet for a checkup.

The couple tried once more to find his owners. They wrote it on social media, informed different organizations, but no one appeared, so they made a final decision to adopt him and named him Moxie.

Now Moxie enjoys his life with his beloved owners, with whom he travels a lot and discovers new things.

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