Heroic Rescue: Strangers Save Pitbull Trapped in Canal, Finds Forever Home with Caring Family

She was adopted and got the life as a little princess 🐶🥰

Mindy and Danica were driving past a canal in California and they saw something unusual.

They saw, that a pitbull was sitting still in the shallow water of the canal.

They wanted to save the puppy, but they didn’t know how. A couple of guys came to them and offered their assistance, they considered retrieving the puppy from the water.

The guys removed their belts and attached them to some rope, that they used to reach down to the poor dog. One of them slid down with the rope in his hand to place it around the puppy’s neck.

All the rescue time she hadn’t moved, it seemed as if she understood she was rescued and she didn’t want to interfere them.

When finally one of the guys had the tie around his neck she was overjoyed to be saved. Then Mindy and Danica took the Pittie home with them and considered what to do next.

They learned, that the puppy didn’t have a microchip and also Mandy posted about him on the Internet, but no one came as a pet owner.

Mandy named the pitbull Bella and she wanted to find caring owners for the puppy. But it turned out not an easy task. She adores people, but doesn’t get along well with other dogs and cats.

But happily, Suzanne was happy to give Bella the life she desired.

She is a sweet little princess, who enjoys her life with her family.

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