A Man Saved a Bear and Now the Baby Lives on His Farm

A small, emaciated and very hungry bear cub wandered into the village of Borisov district, in Belarus. He was looking for food everywhere. The little bear was still so tiny that it certainly wouldn’t have survived in the wild. Fortunately, a local farmer whose name is Nikolai saw the bear.

He decided to take the baby to the farm with him. When the man fed the bear, he began to call the authorities in order to find out what to do with the found animal in the future. Nikolai was offered only two options: either to return the little bear to the wild, or put him to sleep.

The fact is that brown bears are listed in the Red Book in Belarus, since today they are on the verge of extinction. According to the current laws, it is prohibited to keep such an animal at home. Zoos don’t accept such babies as well, so Nikolai did not decide what to do.

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