Rescue Story: Francis the Tiny Kitten Finds a Forever Home with Help from Ellen

The kitty was taken by a loving family and received a good start in life 🐈❤️👩‍🦰

Although Francis is already three weeks old he is the same size as a newborn kitten. He didn’t put on weight at all.

And in his case, a woman named Ellen was called, because she was mastered in the hopeless cases. Saying it mildly she took all the cats, that nobody else wanted.

Ellen became a true best friend for Francis, as Ellen is kind, patient and considered him as a potential sweet cat.

Ellen learned, that he wanted to live a normal life and even mastered going up and down the stairs.

Ellen was Francis’s foster mother and she tried everything to find him a forever-loving home. So she did this.

There was an amazing adoption ceremony organized, where Francis was introduced to his new family and he went to live a happy life.

Now Francis is living his happy life and has gained good weight. He is now able to do everything all the normal cats do. There couldn’t be a better home for him and it was a perfect start for him.

It’s adorable to learn, that people didn’t give up on Francis and helped him find a forever home.

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