An incredible bond between an owner and a kitty. They can communicate with each other

The owner has always had someone to count on 🐱❤️👨‍🦰

Mason and Cooter has awesome relationships.  Mason spends a lot of time with her kitty making sure he is happy like any other kitty owner.

But their connection is something different, that other cat owners would like to have.

They can talk to one another.

The sweet video shows, that they are communicating to one another, where they are responding to one another. When Mason asks Cooter a question the cat will chance his voice tone to respond to his owner.

Mason has noticed, that Cooter’s meows are always different depending on his answer. The owner is also attentive to his body language, which makes it easy for him to understand what the kitty wants.

These days Mason is a nurse and had to work long hours. When he comes home Cooter is always there to communicate.

Mason took Cooter at the age of fourteen and he knows, that through the hard times the kitty has helped him a lot. His kitty was always next to him when things were tough for him.

Their sweet friendship demonstrates, that there can be an incredibly deep relationship between a kitty and the owner. Mason tells about their relationship, that he has always had someone to count on. He has become his best friend.

The video captures their awesome communication. It is a simple proof, that such a strong connection exists between a cat and his owner.

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