«The only daughter of the «Father» star!»: This is what Hopkins’ only heiress looks like with whom he doesn’t communicate

Here is the reason why Hopkins doesn’t communicate with his only daughter 🤔🤔

Here is A. Hopkins, a world-renowned and enormously successful actor, who has lately won the Oscar for his brilliant participation in the movie «Father». However, only a few have seen his only daughter named Abigail.

It is worth mentioning that there was a period between them when they worked together in a movie, yet their relationship got worse over time. Hopkins and his daughter’s mother were married from 1966-1972. The girl was born in 1969.

However, the legendary man’s new love became Jennifer Linton with whom he had been for about 29 years.

The fact that the girl didn’t see her father for long made her feel neglected and «not included». The lack of communication made the girl feel unwanted and she became sad and depressed.

However, when they had to work together in two movies their relationship got better to some extent. According to the girl, two of them are equally responsible for working on themselves to reconcile.

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