The Girl Obtained an Almost White Dalmatian Who Eventually Acquired Some Spots And Their Shape Was So Unexpected That Many People Took Them for Drawn

The connection of this pet with the owner is visible to the naked eye as well as the fact that the Dalmatian doggy loves his person very much. When a girl whose name is Khali first saw her puppy she fell in love with him at first sight. At that time Charlie was 7 weeks old and there were almost no black spots on him which are the hallmark of Dalmatian dogs. However, when the puppy was 4 months old he got such interesting spots!

When Charlie was born there were almost no spots typical for Dalmatians at first.

But as he grew up there were more and more of these unique spots.

By the time he was four months old he had remarkable heart- shaped spots around his eyes.

The older Charlie got the bigger his hearts got.

People even ask if I painted them with eyeliner.”- tells Khali.

The hostess even opened an Instagram account for the cutie because he arouses great interest in people.

As a result, Charlie became so famous that he was even recognized by the passers-by.

“We get a lot of cute Instagram messages and compliments on the street.”

It’s nice to know that we bring a smile to so many people.”- says Khali.

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