«Age does not matter at all». Sean Penn, 62, and his 29-year-old wife was captured on a walk  

This is their life and nobody has the right to criticize 🤔🧐

62-year-old Sean Penn began his relationship with 29-year-old Leila George 5 years ago. When the paparazzi caught them together on vacation, people got surprised. In 2020 they got married and still now live together happily.

Many people couldn’t understand why such a beautiful girl had chosen him as her partner, but in fact they look happy.

Recently, when the paparazzi photographed them on a stroll, people began to actively discuss them, saying that they seem to be a grandpa and a granddaughter.

There were some rumors that the young woman wanted a divorce, but later it was found out that it was not right and the couple feels satisfied together.

No one can criticize them for being happy. It’s their life!

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