A Dachshund Was Crying for an Hour While Her Favorite Toy Was Being Washed in a Washing Machine

Everyone knows that dogs are just as attached to toys as small children. Pickle is a three-year-old dachshund who is inseparable from her plush chicken bone. She constantly walks, plays and even sleeps with her. Once the owner of the dog Rebeca decided to wash her pet’s favorite toy in a washing machine.

The agitated dog was watching her friend in the washing machine for more than an hour. She whined, barked, beat the door of the washing machine with her paws and scratched it.

The fact is that this toy was bought for the cutie when she was still quite small. Pickle couldn’t get used to the new house for a long time, then the owner bought him this plush bone, with which the dog is inseparable to this day.

These are our four-legged friends!

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