Hilarious Trend Goes Viral: Pets Sitting Like Humans Take the Internet by Storm!

They have no idea how cute they are! 🐶🤗

When a dog owner named Brittany posted a photo of her pet sitting strangely just like humans, other owners reacted to it quickly.

It turned out that her dog is not the only one who sits in such a funny way, and many other netizens began to share photos of their pets, making viewers happy.

Although we don’t know the reason of their such strange positions, they are quite funny and entertain us with their cute faces.

Here’s the first picture which was posted by Brittany.

Probably, you spotted his smile.

He has his own way to watch TV.

He is enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Why is he looking at me with such a facial expression?

It’s clear that he has had a hard life.

Why are you disturbing me, human?

Let’s talk about something interesting!

I don’t understand he wants to sleep or not.

He is thinking. Don’t disturb him!

Don’t speak with me!

Who can give me some food?

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