A frightened dog with wounds can’t believe she’s been rescued…  

The organisation Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project brings food to homeless dogs every day.  

They assign over 350 pounds of food to 100 dogs, who lurk the neighbourhood, can you imagine? 

Harper met the organisation workers with 5 other dogs, as they were throwing out food.  

Harper was frightened and as he saw them he crushed on the ground. And when Natalie saw Harper’s all scars she understood, that they couldn’t leave her there. She took the animal to the vet, where it was treated for worms, a tooth infection and anaemia.  

It would take a long time to treat the dog’s psychological traumas.  

As Natalie told, that dog couldn’t relax for three years.  

On one of the photos Harper is enduring for a good life! 

God bless this awesome puppy and her rescuer! I wish she is sheltered into a loving and caring family…where they are loved! 

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