A British Helped the Baby Cheetah But Then She Couldn’t  Send Him to the Orphanage

Pets are great friends for everyone. Do you have any pets? If yes, what  pet lives with you? A cat, a dog or a parrot?  Or maybe you have a rabbit or a hedgehog? 

There is one owner who lives with a unique pet- a cheetah who is considered to be a real predator. 

She currently lives in South Africa.  This country is known for a high degree of poaching because some residents are chasing sophistication and wealth not even thinking that there are very few creatures like cheetahs left and they are listed in the Red Book.

The owner who we talk about is from Great Britain. She loves animals very much and now she lives with a predatory friend.  It all started with the fact that the girl began to work in a special organization that is engaged in the protection of wild creatures. 

One of their functions was to search for cheetah cubs who were abandoned, left alone and were doomed to die. But Heather soon learned that the main activity of such an organization officially selling poor cubs in an unofficial way. 

Having learned this terrible truth the girl immediately quit her job.  But before that she bought one cub with whom she lives up to now. 

It seems that the cutie understands that she saved his life because he feels sincere affection for the mistress.  They are inseparable.  And in order to save the other cubs the girl published a post  on social networks in order to collect the necessary amount of money and save the animals. 

Her idea was such a successful phenomena due to which all the cheetahs were purchased and sent to special reserves.

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