The traffic jam caused by the huge elephant. He just fell asleep in the middle of the road

The man was late for work, but also fortunate to meet the sweet elephant  🐘🥹

The story tells about a huge, but lazy elephant that just fell asleep in the middle of the road and caused a traffic jam.

The lazy elephant laid down in the middle of the road and made people late for work in Northern Thailand for almost 20 minutes.

And the man capturing the huge elephant must be silent and keep a distance in order not to disturb the sleeping animal.

And the video shows the elephant’s ears and legs fluttering when he was deeply sleepy.

And after napping for some time the elephant raises its trunk and stands on its hind legs.

He captured the video and also asked the animal to move, as he was late for work.

And when the elephant stands up he keeps his eye on the man, who was capturing him.

Elephants can often be seen laying on the concrete to warm in the colder season.

And wildlife officers told the man, that the elephant’s name is Nga-Thong, that translates to golden ivory in Thai.

The huge elephant doesn’t want to be seen by many people when the road is busy and most often national park officers are able to see him. And they can say, that he is very shy.

The man told, that the elephant caused him to be late for work for almost twenty minutes, but he was fortunate to meet the sweet animal.

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