Two brother dogs get into bitter disagreement for nothing, before reuniting with a kiss

Sibling conflict seems unbelievable, although these brothers prove it! Draco and Dunkin het into an argument over something insignificant. Even their mother reprehends them, saying like “Boys! Stop!”. It seems, as if they fight with each other only because they are bored!  

These two dogs got into a disagreement for turning out, who is mom’s beloved? Of course we didn’t understand what they are talking about, but we imagine it was very crazy.  

Finally Mom acts as referee and stops to their argument. And they love each other, as they conform the commands of their owner to kiss and reconcile.  

Their small noses are so cute! We knew, that it is much easier to stop dog’s fighting, than human brother’s argument! Share the video in order to make everyone laugh! 

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