The «Hachi: A Dog’s Tale» star is unrecognizable: The way Gere has changed lets no one stay indifferent

The actor from «Hachi: A Dog’s Tale» is now with gray hair and a wrinkled face 😳🥲

It is worth mentioning that this prominent, successful and highly acclaimed movie star has been married three times. Surprisingly enough, his third partner is no less than 30 years younger than the man. She is the daughter of the vice president of the «Real Madrid» team.

Before marrying the notable actor, she lived with the money she got as alimony from her ex-husband, a billionaire. Richard never ceases to admit that he views his woman as the epitome of beauty and femininity. He considers her utterly flawless>

However, his relationship with Alejandra has always been the subject of heated discussions. People keep judging them claiming that their age gap is too big.

It is, of course, hard not to notice that R. Gere, the iconic actor has noticeably changed. He is now with gray hair and deep wrinkles.

Did you recognize the famous actor?

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