«Married a woman 24 years younger than him»: Jean Reno married a young woman and split the fans’ opinions

Recently Reno appeared in public with his wife Zofia Bork who is 24 years his junior🫣His advanced age and changed appearance are already obvious😒☹«Like a real grandpa and granddaughter», fans commented🙄

Jean Reno is a famous actor in the French film industry. In recent years, the actor rarely appears in public. Of course, he continues to actively act in films, but at the same time he behaves modestly and does not always attend social events. He does not want to attract the attention of journalists.

Recently, the 74-year-old actor was at an event with his beautiful wife Zofia Bork. Bork is 24 years younger than her husband, but this did not stop her from becoming a wonderful wife for Reno. They managed to build a strong relationship.

Many people admired the unique couple. They praised the pair’s compatibility and looks. But Internet users who did not like the couple were shaking. They wrote that the changed appearance of the actor is obvious. There are inevitable consequences of aging.

«Great actor», «Jean is so positive so his age is not a problem», «They are a great couple, despite the difference in age», «Like a grandfather and granddaughter», commented the fans.

You can share your thoughts and opinions in the comments. What do you think the couple looks like?

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