«How unfair life is!»: The disease Willis is diagnosed with made him put on end to his drizzling career

Footage of Willis joyfully playing basketball with his friends melted the fans’ hearts 🥲🥹

People were left in tears and sorrow when it became well-known that this legendary movie star was diagnosed with dementia and had to quit on acting. For those who don’t know, the disease affects his speech, hearing and has no treatment.

His rare appearance in public is conditioned by this very reason. Footage of the seriously ill man has recently appeared on the network. He was actively playing basketball and enjoying his time spent with his family and friends.

The family of the popular movie star constantly takes care and openly supports him. His wife is actress and model E. Heming who strongly refuses to leave the actor even for a second.

Though D. Moore, his ex-wife and a popular American actress, were not in a good relationship after the divorce, they reunited shortly after the actor was diagnosed with the terrible ailment.

This is a kind of disease that significantly affects his brain causing the actor even forget his family and friends.

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