«The iconic blondie is now a brunette!»: Far not everyone liked the entirely new image of Roberts

The «Pretty Woman» star changed her hair color and dissatisfied her fans 🧐😳

There is probably no one who doesn’t know this talented, successful and renowned actress. Recently, she has entirely changed her image and surprised the fans. The «Pretty Woman» star dyed her blond hair and is no longer the same.

Most of the fans of the Hollywood star hold the opinion that she, anyway, looks amazing and nothing can ruin her natural beauty. Yet, some believed that she was not the same beauty.

Some are more than sure that she has hardly changed since the release of the legendary film.

Anyway, the majority of her fans were dissatisfied since they all were accustomed to her blond hair. According to a popular opinion, her brown hair emphasizes the age-related changes she has undergone.

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