«An unusual disappearance. You won’t have heard about this.» The two brothers were separated 

Owner’s Belief Strengthens 🥲🥹

The dog named Hansum has been lost for almost two years. They were very close with his brother Harry and from that very moment Harry has been waiting next to the door for his brother’s return. Their owner Julie Evans considers, that Hansum has been stolen.

She has performed a lot of effort to find the puppy, but no one provided information about the puppy’s odd disappearance. Evans is also ready to give an 11000£ prize to anyone with the information.

The puppy disappeared when they were put on a walk with their owner. Harry was upset about being separated from his brother, but also still hoped to find him.

Their owner considered opening a Facebook page to find supporters, who were ready to help her locate Hansum. She was able to collect almost 15000 supporters.

Their owner told, that they were out for a walk with Hansum and Harry and she freed the dogs to walk by themselves. Harry returned, but Hansum didn’t.

She immediately understood there’s something wrong.

She also told, that she searched everywhere, but couldn’t find him. Harry was so connected to his brother, that he still waits at the door for his return.

They were walking next to their house and Julie considers, that Hansum has been stolen.

It is almost two years, that Hansum was missing, but we still hope he will be back.

The owner told, that although she had looked everywhere she won’t stop searching for her beloved puppy.

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