Inspiring Tale of Lucho: Disabled Puppy Defies Odds, Finds Love, and Becomes a Beacon of Hope

The owner dyes his hair different colors and it is impossible to leave him without attention  🐶❤️👨‍🦰

The puppy named Lucho had a disability and was treated at the vet clinic. He wasn’t able to move. His previous owners wanted to put him to sleep, but Christian considered treating him with love and affection after seeing his smart and lovable eyes. He needed a new chance.

He was examined and performed an X-Ray after which it became clear, that he was awfully mistreated by his previous owners and it was clear due to his behavior with the people.

Christian told, that he was assaulted by his former owner, who wanted to put him to sleep. But as he was receiving care at the vet clinic they considered trying to help him with a plastic wheelchair.

The man had a big love towards the animal and he took the responsibility for the puppy and their lives completely changed after that.

Lucho had skin problems because of his disability to move, but thanks to the man’s attention and love he completely recovered in about a month.

Christian’s love towards Lucho became stronger and they had become inseparable and had many adventures together.

Lucho is a puppy full of happiness with his wheelchair. He is a special dog not like any other one. He shows a true desire to live.

He even motivated all the people, who have met him.

He shows many people owing disabled animals how to treat and help them. He is a well-known puppy with many supporters.

He is a very attractive puppy and is always in the middle of everyone’s attention. And also his owner dyes his hair in different colors from time to time and it is impossible to leave him without attention.

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