The kitten defended the delicacy so much, that it turned into an absolute evil. And his roar is a proof

Little furry kittens only in appearance are the embodiment of cuteness: you never know at what moment an absolute evil will wale up inside the tailed adorable, capable of crushing all living things. And the inanimate-too. The Japanese kitten has become a Twitter star thanks to its obsession with the Ciao Churu treat for cats. The owner published a video, in which he is so reluctant to part with an almost empty package of snacks, which is even scary. Especially from the sounds it makes.

Its a kitten from Japan

And he is a cutie

Only look at it

He loves to play

He loves boxes, like all cats

Bit everything changes, when a delicacy falls into his paws

The glorious cat transforms… transforms… into a creepy monster!

My precious!”

But looking at it isn’t enough, here you must listen:

Look, what the owner writes under the video:

A beast attacked me. There’s something about Ciao Churu, that turned a 3-month-old kitten into a beast.

The video appeared on Twitter on July 1 and has been viewed by over 4 million people during that time.

He seems to know who the star is

And also he isn’t ideal cat in the house

One more portion of cuteness

This is how he begs for food

I wonder what will happen if you try to take the toy away from him

You’re the next!”

Stay alert with cats!

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