«Poses in a wet bodysuit on a yacht!»: The provocative photos of Gomez from vacation resulted in mixed reactions

Selena takes seductive poses in a wet bodysuit on a yacht and surprises her fans 😊😍

Everyone has probably noticed that this super-talented, popular and outstanding singer and actress has undergone some noticeable changes. This can easily be explained by the fact that she has lupus and can’t control her weight,

Recently, she amazed her followers with new pics from vacation. The photos garnered thousands of likes in a couple of hours.

«She is the woman I can admire forever!», «She let herself go. Why has she gained so much weight?», «I can’t believe my eyes! Is this our Selena?».

«Envy silently!», «This is because of her disease, calm down!», «Thank you for your honesty and self-acceptance».

«We wish you good health and patience!», «My idol always shines in all her glory!», «How brave of you!».

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