«This grandpa stole Bellucci’s heart!»: Not everyone appreciated the aged look of Bellucci’s boyfriend

Paparazzi caught Bellucci walking hand in hand with her new boyfriend: Photos 🧐🤔

Photographers have recently caught this Italian actress and model on a romantic date with director T. Burton. They were walking hand in hand and looked happy.

Believe it or not, the iconic diva confirmed the rumors herself admitting that she was actually in love with him. The talented man is well-known for directing the series «Wednesday».

The appearance of Bellucci’s partner was appreciated by far not everyone. Many couldn’t find words to describe their dissatisfaction and disappointment. Many started drawing parallels between him and V. Cassel.

His aged and wrinkled look became the subject of discussions. Some rushed to criticize the actress’s choice, while some considered them a good match.

Now it is your turn to share your opinion with us!

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