Dedicated Group in New York Offers Assistance to Homeless Individuals and Their Beloved Animal Companions

The charity helps homeless men get licenses for owning a pet 🥹🥲

There are many homeless people in the United States and they also live with their pets, as they consider animals are their family members and no matter how hard it is they never give up. So a group named Collide is known in New York as they help homeless people and animals find refuge and receive treatment.

The charity also organizes twice-weekly picnic-style meals and also provides vet and medical care. These animals and their owners have always been something unimportant for people  and they consider such cute things odd.

The group considered helping the homeless men, as they saw they do all the possible to give their beloved animals security.

This showed the true love between people and animals regardless of their life circumstances. Animals act calmer than people.

They have a very hard life that we can’t simply imagine, but their top priority is the safety of their beloved animals.

The charity helps help homeless people and animals, who lack access to shelters. They offer medical services and also a license for owning a pet.

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