Trash Truck Driver’s Act of Kindness Transforms Abandoned Dogs’ Lives Forever

Dogs find new hope and happiness 🐶❤️👨‍🦰

A lady in Mexico wanted to get rid of her dogs and she gave them to the trash truck driver. She wanted to leave them, but happily, they were rescued and her life has been changed a lot.

The animal protection association saved them and also found their previous owner, who had left them. They were named Hachi and Pancho, but they changed their names to Prometeo and Bob.

Their previous owner told, that the garbage truck driver himself asked to take the dogs.

The animal protection association told, that they received a call from Alejandra Gonzales, who told about dogs, that the trash truck driver asked to take. And also the truck driver told, that the woman asked him to take the dogs to the open-air rubbish dump. But in reality no one knew who the liar was.

No matter who is right and who is wrong the dogs were frightened a lot. Bob was a lot damaged psychologically by this cruelty and the staff tried to socialise him.

The rescue organization had changed Prometheus and Bob’s lives. Dogs don’t have to get used to their owner’s cruelty.

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