«From a Victoria’s Secret Angel to a skeleton!»: Ambrosio’s changed look came as a big surprise

Ambrosio disappointed the fans with her extremely thin body on the beach 😱🧐

The radically changed appearance of a former Victoria’s Secret Angel became the topic of public discussions. She is always called the queen of bikini when it comes to swimsuit fashion. The Brazilian model has even launched her own line.

Her regular exercises including cardio and yoga help her maintain her stunning body in shape.

The iconic model and her husband R. Lee have recently been spotted together on the beach.

Here, one can see the star with a messy bun and a tiny bikini. Her vibrant yellow cap became the final touch to her look. With her look she showed that she was fully ready for the basketball summer season.

The paparazzi pics immediately went viral and made a splash. The fans were disappointed since they saw that «there was nothing to hide» and even her bones were visible. Some even questioned the possibility of anorexia.

However, we all should approach it with understanding, not with criticism and sarcasm. We hope that the model is doing well and nothing bad happened that led her to lose weight.

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