Meet Pisco, the Adorable Cat Winning Hearts with His Resemblance to the Beloved Movie Character

Real-life «Puss in Boots» enjoys popularity all over the Internet   🐱🤗

Who remembers Puss in Boots from the movie «Shrek»? Probably you all remember him, because he is the craziest and the sweetest character of the movie.

Just imagine that he has come to real life and now you have an opportunity to enjoy his fantastic photos.

His name is Pisco. When his owners first saw him at the shelter, he was very shy and didn’t want to communicate with them. But the family fell in love with him and decided to adopt him at once. Then Pisco became quite sociable and friendly. He adapted to his new environment easily.

When the owners created an Instagram account for him, everyone got attracted by his unique appearance. Then his pictures were spread all over the Internet and he gained popularity.

Now Pisco has 600 thousand followers, who are captured by his beauty and similarity to the well-known character.

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