Tales of Survival and Second Chances: Hundreds of Dogs Given Hope and Care by Dedicated Rescuers

One of the dogs crawled towards his rescuers to show the place of other dogs 🐶🥹

Daniel was saved together with other 294 dogs from a puppy factory in Arkansas where they were being kept for profit. This dog tried to overcome his frailty and show up to his rescuers. He was famished and ill.

Local officials and workers of the Humane Society of the United States rescued the dogs. All of them were in awful conditions.

One of the rescuers told, that she still remembers the first encounter with one of the puppies named Daniel, who crawled towards his rescuers as if he felt they were there to help him. And when they have already discovered him he was spirited and fighting.

All of them had awful lives, denied access of clean water and food and were kept in the middle of the dirt.

And happily, with the help of their rescuers they managed to be freed from this nightmare.

And Jennifer also told, that no animal must be kept in such conditions.

The dogs were rescued and transported to the shelter and given medical care and attention.

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