«Walker’s family now!»: Here are the legendary actor’s brothers and daughter 9 years after his departure

This is how legendary Walker’s family looks and lives 9 years after he left 🧐🤔

Hollywood’s one of the most talented and legendary figures is, undeniably, P. Walker. Initially, he started with commercials and then minor roles in films in his early years. He could successfully keep the balance between his studies and career.

Apart from this, he took a great interest in racing, martial arts and sports cars. His iconic role in «Fast and Furious» brought him overall fame and recognition.

Misfortunately, he couldn’t take part in the seventh episode of the movie as he was in a fatal car accident in 2013 which took his life. Interestingly enough, it was his close friend who was in charge of controlling the vehicle.

His departure left the entire world in tears and sorrow. The tragic news left everyone speechless and the fans still couldn’t believe that their favorite actor was no more.

He was among the actors who always tried to keep his precious family away from the public eye. The man had an heiress named Meadow whom he loved endlessly.

The girl’s uniquely beautiful features and captivating sky-blue eyes never cease to delight the entire world. It is worth mentioning that the legendary man had two brothers: Caleb and Cody.

It should be mentioned that the incredible resemblance between his brother and him endowed the producers with an opportunity to engage him in the next episodes of the movie.

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