Heartwarming Rescue: Help Arrives in the Nick of Time for Stranded Puppy in Need

The puppy was rescued thanks to one caring person 🐶❤️👨‍🦰

The dog fell into a hot tar and became paralyzed. No one noticed him as he was laying in the middle of the road and waiting to perish. Happily someone considered calling the animal protection organization and asking for their immediate help. And the workers of the organization went to find the puppy, who is now safe and sound.

Rescuers couldn’t believe the puppy was in such an awful condition.

One of the organization workers told, that it seemed the puppy was in panic and his eyes were flying back and forth, but he was absolutely paralysed.

They wanted to remove the tar from the dog’s body with vegetable oil for almost 4 hours and finally succeeded.

They didn’t want to share his story until he was recovered.

They shared the puppy’s story on Facebook. They wrote, that they tried four hours of oiling to remove the tar from the dog’s body. They used vegetable oil instead of turpentine oil in order not to harm the puppy’s body. He is a little stressed because of the experience, but is a sweet puppy.

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