«She looks better with makeup». Photos of Rihanna without makeup blew up the entire Internet  

Rihanna surprised her millions of followers with her natural look  😳🤔

Famous singer Rihanna always takes care of her appearance perfectly. She uses makeup even in everyday life, so capturing her natural beauty is not an easy task.

Recently she amazed her fans with her makeup-free photos, which caused great discussions among netizens. She proudly showed off her natural beauty and it was appreciated by her audience.

Many fans were stunned by her appearance and they expressed their admiration in the comments, while others were disappointed with her natural look and wrote that she is much more beautiful with makeup.

However, the number of netizens who loved her in this way was great and they really appreciated her bold step to show herself as she is.

She is truly gorgeous both with and without makeup.

What’s your opinion about her natural beauty? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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