Lifelong friends. The pilgrim accidentally found a devoted dog on his way

The stubborn dog refused to leave the man  🤗🥹

On his second day of pilgrimage the man named Naveen traveled 600 kilometres with a homeless dog named Malu. Happily, Malu now has a new family.

Naveen couldn’t imagine he would find a lifelong partner that day. Malu was interested in the man when she first saw him and considered to follow.

The man lives in Kerala and works for the state power board. He traveled on his pilgrimage for approximately 17 days. And one day he considered taking the dog with him on the bus, which became the most important decision in both of their lives.

The man noticed the dog after traveling almost 80 kilometers. She went to the man from the other direction and after seeing the man she stopped. The man tried many times to drive her away, but she refused to leave.

And after being 20 meters away from Naveen the dog kept away.

She stopped from time to time to see the man and make sure he is following her. The dog started to follow the man after his feet. And then the man considered to keep her.

The dog’s full name was Malikappuram, which is often used to refer to female devotees of Sabarimala.

The man already understood that the dog wasn’t going to leave him. He was very stubborn and perceptive. When the man goes to take a bath or eat something the dog patiently waits for him. She even sleeps next to the man at night.

Malu even became the man’s alarm clock.

The man told, that one day he was deeply sleeping and also his phone screen wasn’t working when the dog pulled the man’s mundu and woke the man up barking many times.

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