Strangers Unite to Fulfill Homeless Man’s Final Wish: Finding a Loving Home for His Beloved Dog Baby

The ill man and the dog were taken to the most luxurious hotel to stay in  🐶❤️👨‍🦰

A homeless man named Clifford Herbert lives in Fresno and has an absolutely kind heart and soul. The man was seriously ill and has only a few weeks left. He has cancer, that has already spread to his brain. He has a sweet dog named Baby and he is trying to find a loving family for him. After having heart surgery Herbert had some medical difficulties and it resulted in losing both his house and job.

The man has always had a hard life, but after Baby’s adopting his life changed for the better. He found Baby when it was simply abused. And from that moment they clearly became inseparable.

Robert told, that the dog has become his closest friend and simply everything to him.

And a woman named Jennine Lacette DShazer learned about the man’s story she considered helping him. She started fundraising for the man and the dog in order they could spend their last lady together in luxury.

At their first meeting she gave the cat food, toilet paper and a blanket when he first saw Baby and Clifford, when he was holding the dog to keep it warm.

The woman is considered to help the man because of his appreciation and kindness towards an animal. Herbet wants to find her baby a loving home for the holiday season.

She must collect at least 366$ per week and approximately 1400$ per month to continue supporting them staying in the hotel.

The man is a guitarist, had a mechanical shop and also had worked in agriculture. After his operation in 2006 he wasn’t able to speak and communicated using paper and pen.

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