Miracle in Motion: Paralyzed Doberman Named Kenny Defies the Odds, Walks Again with Help of Support

The fundraising helped the dog regain his ability to walk 🐶🤗

A paralyzed dog named Kenny managed to walk and even run again. The dog was left unable to walk after an accident happened to him. A kennel worker unintentionally dropped a metal gate on Kenny’s neck. The vets told to perform euthanasia as they considered the dog wouldn’t be able to walk again.

And after the accident the paralysed Doberman was living at a Doberman rescue in Los Angeles.

The founder of the rescue facility didn’t know what to do and he considered taking the dog to Leslie McMahon. She was the founder of the facility for canine physical therapy.

Leslie told, that Kelly was immediately taken to the neurologist and after learning they didn’t have 8000$ for an MRI and surgery they tried to attempt rehab to see his reaction.

Leslie also told, that it was absolutely hard for Kenny to move because of rigidity. But she and her group didn’t give up and continued to help the dog.

The doctor told all the things they performed to help the poor dog. They took him to the pool, did massages, lasers, acupuncture and also helped walking.

But one day they saw the dog couldn’t urinate anymore.

And they considered the dog’s life would be put in danger.

The founder of an animal rescue organization Annie Hart learned the dog’s story and considered sharing it on the Internet.

And after that she was able to collect 6000$ in one day to help Kenny. So Kenny would be operated on by an MRI.

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