«Crazy in love like teenagers!»: Paparazzi spotted the chosen one of Zellweger and this is what the man looks like

Exclusive photos of Zellweger and her young future husband together on a balcony 🤔😳

The romance between British TV present A. Anstead and R. Zellweger began two years ago. The couple has already started to live together but, what concerns their plans about marriage, they prefer to keep it a secret.

The future spouses haven’t shared anything about their special day with their fans, but, according to their close friends, they are already planning a humble celebration.

The couple believes that such things are private and shouldn’t be shared with the whole world. They have always been for privacy.

The «Bridget Jones’s Diary» star seems to be madly in love with the presenter. She is looking forward to their wedding and is ready to start a family with him.

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the praiseworthy actress was dressed in a luxurious one-shoulder dress. Her high hairdo, cute curls and natural makeup gave her even more charm and femininity. Her heiress was in a black evening dress.

It is worth mentioning that the celebrity has been married only once, to singer K. Chesney. Believe it or not, their marital life lasted for four months. Few know that she was engaged to J. Carrey and had a relationship with B. Cooper.

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