The Owner Cried When She Found out Where Her Cat Was Going Leaving Her Kittens

The whole world now knows about the history of this cute cat. Everyone passes it on to each other through social networks as an example of the fact that animals are kinder and better creatures than people. This story is yet another proof.

The name of our heroine is Pushy who lives with her mistress. Once after walk she came home with babies in her tummy. The kittens were born without complications and my mother began to take care of them and feed them. And everything would be fine if the owner of the cat didn’t notice that during the day the kittens stay without their mother for a long time. Pushy fed them and ran away into the street. And it dragged on for more than one day.

As a result, the hostess couldn’t resist and decided to follow the cat. She wanted to know where Pushy regularly runs away from home. Having learned what was the reason for the disappearance of the mother catty the owner was amazed. It turned out that every day after Pushy fed her babies she went to the forest which was behind the houses. The cute catty fed her milk to three newborn squirrels there.

It isn’t known what happened to the squirrels’ mother and how Pushy found them but the maternal instinct pushed the cat forward to help the little squirrels. The owner of Pushy took the squirrels home and put them in a box with the kittens so that the cat would no longer run into the forest and leave her babies alone. The cuties grow up healthy and strong and you can watch the video about the mother heroine.

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