«Is she drunk or what?»: The paparazzi photos of Jolie became the subject of discussions

Jolie tries to hide her red eyes and swollen face, but her sunglasses betray her 😳🧐

The recent appearance of the world’s most beautiful woman in New York with her adopted son resulted in mixed reactions. They were caught leaving the hotel. The iconic star wore a stylish total-black coat with matching sunglasses.

The coat perfectly emphasized her slender waist and her light makeup gave her even more charm. The final touch became her trendy clutch bag.

What concerns Pax, he gave his preference to a long-sleeved shirt and black pants. His white and pink sneakers became the perfect complement to his image. The final touch became his silver chain. As a reminder, he was adopted in 2007.

Currently, the Hollywood legend is working with the creation of her new brand called Atelier Jolie. She has plans to establish a venture in the building which was previously owned by A. Warhol and J. Basquiat.

The property, which is listed for 60 thousand dollars per month with a minimum lease term of 10 years, had been on the global market since November. She has an active involvement in it and periodically visits the property.

It is worth mentioning that the ex-spouses have six kids three of whom are adopted. The legal battle hasn’t finished yet.

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