Meeting People for the First Time the Cat Immediately Jumped into the Girl’s Arms and Purred for Some Unknown Reason

The loss of a pet always becomes a tragedy comparable to the death of a loved one for each of us. The house immediately becomes empty and quiet which makes the heart ache even more …

 So the heroine of this story lost her adored cat. The cutie was fifteen years old and the whole family considered him a full member of the family.  When Chubais passed away people didn’t know what to do with that pain. They didn’t want to come home because the silence indicated that the cat was no longer there.

 The family decided to obtain another petty so that he would somehow help them cope with the pain of loss. Ann started looking through ads on social networks in order to find a lonely pet who was in need of help.  And very soon she found a cute cat with whom the girl really wanted to meet … She contacted the animal’s curator and made an appointment.

 The girl still remembers the first time she saw the pet.  He immediately jumped onto her arms as if they had known each other for a hundred years.  The cat purred so loudly and that melted the girl’s heart.

 The baby went to his new home on the same day. 

 The cute pet was given the nickname Gary and now it is a well-fed and extremely active cat.

 Probably the best way to somehow cheer yourself up after the death of your favorite pet is to give your love and care to another animal.  What’s your opinion about this?

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