The pink puppy, named Piglet was born deaf and blind. But he grew up and started to help others

The puppy named Piglet was born unusual from all sides-he himself turned out to be pink, and also deaf and blind. But all this little things didn’t become an obstacle to the full life of the dog-they found a family for him, that loves him so much. In addition, Piglet communicates well with people and relatives, and also helps other dogs with special needs. In general, Piglet easily turned his apparent minuses into pluses!

Piglet is a dachshund and chihuahua puppy and his parents had a spotted colour

Unfortunately, both parents turned out to be carriers of the gene, that provoked deafness and blindness in Piglet.

But the puppies fur turned out to be very unusual-pink

The puppy lived in unfavourable conditions and was rescued by animal rights activists

Piglet moved from Georgia to Connecticut in March 2017

At the time, he only weighed 680 grams

The temporary owners planned to find him a permanent home, but fell in love with him, and in May they decided to keep it for themselves.

Piglet adopted to his new family for a long time, but then became a favourite of the whole district

Piglet loves to cuddle with owners and play with other dogs

He also goes with his owner to a veterinary calls, and also goes to the bank and pet stores. Wherever Piglet’s tail appears, they are always glad to see him!

But now Piglet is not just walking around the neighbourhood

The dog became the hero of the lessons in one of the schools in Plainville, Massachusetts. At the lessons, the children were told the story of the puppy and explained how Piglet’s positive attitude helped him cope with the difficulties of his dog’s life. Using a puppy as an example, children are thought about the importance of empathy and the ability to accept others.

Piglet helps other dogs as well

The money from the sale of clothing with its symbols goes to charities.

Piglet and his owners attend many events, presentations and conferences

Piglet is a notable figure in the canine world, he even had its own mission

Encourage neutering of domestic cats and dogs.

Tell others about the consequences of rash crossbreeding.

Inspire and motivate people to adopt animals with special needs from shelters.

And the story of Piglet is a real example of the fact, that you shouldn’t give up anyway-even if you are a pink dog!

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