«Sharing one boyfriend for two!»: These unusual sisters have been doing the same things all their life

This is what the man looks like whom these twin-sisters have been sharing for 12 years 😲😲😲

Here are Anna and Lucy who have always been living the same way and doing the same things. What is more, they even take a shower and go to bathroom together.

What is more astonishing about their special bond is that they have been sharing the same boyfriend for already 12 years. His name is Ben and this is what he looks like.

Ben is believed to take care of both of them. It has recently become known that one of the sisters has some difficulties with getting pregnant in a natural way which saddens them a lot.

They are already thinking of an IVF procedure that will help them both become a mother. Some find these sisters insane advising them to turn to a psychiatrist

The others admire them considering that it is completely up to them how to live and what to do in general.

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