The girl buys food for a homeless man and he gives her a note before leaving: What is written on it?

What was written on the note the girl received from a homeless man blew everyone away🥰🥰🥰

There is a popular experiment in which people are dressed in dirty clothes, look unkempt and the cameramen secretly see the reaction of the passers-by to understand whether any of them would approach and help them.

Recently, they turned to a girl for such an experiment. Misfortunately, almost everyone stayed indifferent and even refused to approach her. Some got interested and stared at her, and only one person proved that not everything was lost yet.

Today’s story is about a girl named Casey who was about to get some coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts during her break from class and suddenly saw a homeless man. She couldn’t stay indifferent, approached him, offered her coffee and invited to her table.

The man’s name was Chris and he always had to deal with criticism and mockery due to being homeless. While sharing her life story he mentioned that he wanted to be the person of whom his mother would be proud, but he had chosen a wrong path.

The girl had no idea that she was saving a life and patiently listened to the man. When he was about to leave, he left a note on which something moving was written.

This is what was written! What a heartwarming story!

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